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May 2017

The Need of Performance Engineering in the Digital Age

Do you know that Siri, Apple’s digital assistant, can amaze you with some popular dialogues from The Lego Batman Movie? According to a recent online feature, Apple’s digital assistant can give away some catchy dialogues from the animation flick, only if you act and [...]

How to make Test Automation work effectively for your Enterprise

Repeatability and Consistency are the two key power zones of Test Automation that experts and practitioners in the industry have optimized to accelerate the Software Testing and development Cycle. Test Automation has become an inseparable option for contemporary software testing approaches such DevOps and [...]

How Software Quality Engineering Can Help Airlines Stay Successful

A robust software quality testing approach is crucial for businesses across all industries. For instance, in the aviation industry, we have airlines upgrading mobile applications in order to better connect with their passengers. Technology is creating revolutionary paths, no matter the business, leading to [...]

Impact of Digital Transformation in the BFS Market

Businesses in the Global Market have always raced to keep up with changing customer expectations, but since the turn of the century, something remarkable has happened. A series of rapid technological advances have contributed to the transformation of customer expectations while simultaneously providing enterprises [...]

Benefits of Usability Testing in Digital Transformation

Usability Challenges of Digital Transformation 2017 is being hailed as the Age of Customers and the Age of Digital Transformation where software development life cycle will be driven by end user experience causing a significant shift in the way how software is designed, developed, tested, [...]

Ransomware made you WannaCry? 10 Things the Disaster taught

200,000+ victims, 150 countries affected, Microsoft Windows XP Operating System attacked, ATMs shut, and online transactions stalled. The experts have warned that the threat is not yet over. On May 12, 2017, the world was stormed by a Ransomware aptly named WannaCry that was programmed to [...]

April 2017

How Agile Can Enable Organizations Grow Faster

Per the Chaos Report from Standish Group “Across all project sizes, Agile approaches resulted in more successful projects and less outright failures”. About 39% of all Agile projects are successful compared to 11% for waterfall. How can organizations be successful with Agile? What are the [...]

How and Why You Need to Use Dockers In CI & CD

Docker has become an early adopter in Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment. By leveraging the right integration with source code control mechanism such as GIT, Jenkins can initiate a build process each time a developer commits his code. This process results in a new [...]