TGGTECH affords complete Compatibility Testing offerings that may be achieved across a spread of Operating Systems, browsers, databases, servers, hardware, one-of-a-kind variations, configurations, display resolutions, and so forth. TGGTECH has an intensive compatibility lab masking the present day working systems, platforms, peripherals, and hardware to make certain that your product plays over an extensive variety of technical specs. Any peripheral hardware device or server configuration that we do no longer own may be fast acquired thru our related hardware and software program seller companions.

Whether you produce academic software program, online programs, websites, community software or utilities, our compatibility services can construct a configuration matrix and method to perceive the choicest range of mixtures. Depending on the complexity of your product and the quantity of platforms to be tested, projects can be completed in every week or less.


1) PCs, Macs, UNIX workstations and servers

  • Our Windows versions include Win 95, Win 98, Win NT, Win ME, Win XP, Win 2000, Win-Vista, Windows 7
  • MAC: MAC 9, and MAC 10, MAC 10.2. Tiger (MAC OS X 10.4), Leopard ( MAC OS X 10.6), Snow Leopard (MAC OS X 10.6.6), & the latest Lion (MACOS X 10.7)
  • Redhat Linux, Ubuntu, Open Solaris 2.6, 5.6, 7.2, 8.0, 9.0, Windows NT and Windows 2000.

2) Browsers

  • All versions of the browsers currently in use including IE 6 to IE 9, Mozilla, Chrome, Safari, Opera
  • Sound and Video Cards
  • Low and high end Processors, Motherboards and Clone Machines
  • Peripherals and Controllers
  • A variety of other applications software


  • All versions of the browsers currently in use including IE 6 to IE 9, Mozilla, Chrome, Safari, Opera
  • Cost-effective matrix ranging from basic collection to a complex enterprise server farm
  • Compatibility Test Plan specifying exactly for the tests needed to be executed
  • Our testing lab offers all the hardware and software needed for such testing
  • Test execution by our staff of experienced test engineers
  • Maximum range of test configurations matrix

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