The accompanying insights on the development of the E-Commerce showcase by Gartner and Forrester more than underline the need and criticality of E-Commerce Testing.

Gartner gauges that the computerized trade stage market will develop at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of more than 15% from 2015 through 2020, including income from SaaS, licenses, and upkeep. Gartner additionally predicts that by 2018, 40% of B2B advanced business destinations will utilize value improvement calculations and arrange, value, cite (CPQ) devices to ascertain and convey item estimating progressively.

Forrester estimates that B2B e-Commerce will top $1.1 trillion and account for 12.1% of all B2B sales in the US by 2020.


In the course of the most recent decade, how web is being utilized and utilized has experienced a noteworthy move with the appearance of Smart Phones and Tablet Computers. This move has brought on a "Major Transformation" in the eCommerce business as it has drastically changed purchaser conduct and moved them far from executing generally. Purchaser base and desires have developed complex. Customers anticipate that eCommerce stages will be Smarter, Faster, and Secure. They likewise anticipate that the exchange experience will be advantageous, financially savvy, and safe. Multi-channel business comprising of mCommerce and Social-Commerce is likewise getting equivalent consideration of the customers fuelled by undertakings' "Portable First" procedure.

Please refer to the eCommerce landscape provided in the image below.

With all the above-said potential outcomes and related complexities, an eCommerce stage likewise requires to consistently coordinate with Payment Systems, Supply Chain, ERP, Warehouse Management, POS, and different applications in the Enterprise biological system. The previously mentioned patterns, complex business engineering, and Enterprise biological system call for testing masters and a test accomplice who is light-footed, savvy, powerful, and effective.

To address the above difficulties and convey an esteem included administration, TGGTECH has built up an eCommerce Center of Excellence. The eCommerce CoE use demonstrated procedures, methods, procedures, rules, and an instrument and innovation rationalist structure to guarantee powerful and productive testing and approval of eCommerce stages alongside its interfaces. TGGTECH's instrument and innovation skeptic structure guarantees that our theory of "Script Once" and "Executes Everywhere" is actualized on a plenty of gadgets, programs, O/S stages, POS, and Payment Systems.

While the structure guarantees the useful preparation of the application, the execution (which is similarly critical), is tended to utilizing the operational efficiency approach. Our execution approval approach incorporates checking the application execution by means of a geologically conveyed load, versatility, and stress testing, to meet SLA for reaction times, top load reaction that will give most extreme trust in discharging the application, and get ready for "Occasion Readiness". Our execution suggestions enhance consistency, accessibility, and dependability of the application.

The major mind hindrance for online buys is Security as the buyers are required to give their own and keeping money related data while executing an exchange. TGGTECH Security Testing CoE gives a conclusion to-end security testing arrangement running from Penetration Testing through Readiness check for PCI DSS affirmation. These tests are performed by Certified Ethical Hackers with the essential concentrate on risk models through SQL infusion, Cross-Site Scripting, Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) (counting those distributed by OWASP consortium) and Zero-day Vulnerabilities alongside vulnerabilities found by our R&D group through CoE. TGGTECH takes after industry guidelines all through the testing procedure which incorporates Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) v2.0 to compute the hazard filed of the vulnerabilities found and gives both all encompassing and "Programmers eye-view" of the application.


Having completely comprehended the progression, many-sided quality and desires of the eCommerce stage suppliers and end-clients, TGGTECH is sure of conveying a "World-Class" testing arrangement through the methods for the accompanying levers:

  • UI and User Experience Testing: In-house frameworks, toolkits and checklists to perform automated UI validation across OEMs, Browsers and O/S
  • Holiday Readiness Testing: Pay per utilize execution testing model enhancing application execution and guaranteeing 90th percentile reaction times in standard revealing
  • PCI Preparedness: Pre-characterized agendas that empower readiness of eCommerce entries for PIC DSS accreditation. Danger models and test execution are finished by Certified Ethical Hackers.

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