TGGTECH’s Functional Testing Services make certain the verification and validation of applications for independent software program carriers and organizations. The purposeful testing offerings attention on checking out the packages in opposition to described specifications and assembly the end user expectations for capability. TGGTECH engages with customers in the one-of-a-kind stages of the lifecycle to align the trying out goals against the overall enterprise desires.

TGGTECH introduces early trying out in the life cycle to prevent defects and locate defects first to lessen the overall checking out expenses, remodel prices and enhance first-rate. TGGTECH’s functional testing method is adequately established and leverages established industry trendy testing strategies, equipment, pre-constructed take a look at accelerators, and methodologies. Our regression checking out approach ensures that the brand new capabilities or upgrades do no longer cause any unintended effect to the present excellent of programs.

Some specific services that TGGTECH offers for functional testing are:

  • Requirements Ambiguity Testing
  • Business Process Testing
  • Manual & Automated Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Smoke & System Integration Testing
  • Business Acceptance Testing
  • Data Verification Testing


TGGTECH’s testing experts are trained to utilize enterprise preferred medical test techniques to behavior an optimized trying out even as ensuring functional insurance. Some of the strategies followed using TGGTECH’s teams to conduct operational testing consist of:

  • Business flow matrix
  • Decision table and state transition diagram
  • Equivalence partitioning and boundary value analysis
  • Exploratory Testing
  • Prioritized Testing
  • Rhino Hunting
  • Risk-based Testing
  • Traceability matrix


TGGTECH’s purposeful checking out methodology leverages the excellent in the breed of taking a look at specialists and practices to offer a complete & complete coverage of purposeful specs. The check specialists have massive revel in engaging in testing in a couple of utility lifecycle fashions like waterfall, agile, iterative, etc. All test offerings are customized to match the patron’s lifecycle model and surroundings to offer a seamless integration with the teams for brand spanking new and legacy packages.

TGGTECH’s practical trying out methodology adopts a methodical approach to become aware of & create the proper set of test cases & date for checking out. As a part of the purposeful trying out services TGGTECH performs:

  • Impact analysis and evaluate test readiness
  • Define test data for positive/negative testing
  • Author functional test cases & identify test data
  • Execute regression suite and report execution status
  • Formal quality gate definition, planning & estimation
  • Detailed requirements review and functional prioritization
  • Document and report defects
  • Maintain and manage the defect lifecycle
  • Publish go/no-go dashboard for the release
  • Assist business teams in conducting business acceptance testing
  • Provide support services to assist teams with defect reproduction
  • Develop traceability matrix between the requirements vs. Test cases

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TGGTECH’s test specialists deliver complete experience throughout domain names and technology. They use a four-pronged method which includes selecting the proper enablers, strategies, reporting models and gear to discover defects early in the check existence cycle and accelerate time to the marketplace.


TGGTECH’s Functional Testing Methodology carries inputs related to enterprise dangers, project dangers, and generation dangers to make certain most superior checking out and storage fees and time.

  • TGGTECH’s Requirements Assessment Framework (RAF) identifies the paradox defects in the requirement segment of the Software Test Lifecycle.
  • TGGTECH’s Test Requirements Traceability Matrix (TRTM) ensures bi-directional traceability.
  • TGGTECH’s practical testing experts adopt confirmed scientific techniques at the same time as appearing in-intensity black box trying out including Boundary Value Analysis, Equivalent Partition, and Paired Testing.
  • Comprehensive Test Metrics make certain absolute transparency and visibility with unit trying out metrics, disorder tendencies metrics, checking out productivity metrics, method great parameters, checking out development metrics, and Quality of the software/product below test.
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly repute reports with an in-depth evaluation of taking a look at execution reputation and defects. These reviews leverage a selection of fashions and strategies to publish actionable reviews and dashboards.
  • Find out how we helped various Fortune 500 agencies with their Functional Testing needs.


Functional testing is a crucial component in the race to convey software packages to market speedy. Along with a right testing technique and approach, it is also wanted that great practices of practical checking out are being followed before the software is deployed and launched to the market.

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TGGTECH has finished practical and regression trying out for a number of clients across domains. Below is the partial list of customers who agree with TGGTECH for his or her practical software program checking out needs.