By creating a round-the-clock continuous integration testing environment, TGG TECH’s dedicated mobile device lab ensured quick go-to-market. It enables a unified environment for all the DevOps teams, thereby aligning itself to TGG TECH’s Company goals. The mobile labs support the requirements for the critical security, and onsite lab resides into the company’s VPN that ensure safety at the highest degree.TGG TECH’s Mobile Labs increases the test coverage and decrease the risks. It also enables the testing of versions in OS, a matrix of devices, screen resolutions and assists in the different network conditions and servers.


In the age of digital transformation, high performance and end-user experiences are key to success. Conducting performance testing before releasing software application helps achieve speed, scalability, and stability. Our performance engineering services are available in multiple delivery models, including a cloud-enabled performance testing lab. We set up close-to-real test environments and deploy specialist performance engineering teams to ensure that load and stress testing can be conducted from different geographies, thereby saving our clients valuable time and money.


Using TGG TECH’s Robotics Lab, we have built several models, simulating different real-world Situations. We analyze, design and the execute to identify the bugs and deal with the unexpected results. TGG TECH has excellent expertise in the fascinating robotic world; the team has immense experience in testing the different modules in robots including the hardware equipment like hardware bricks and other sensitive equipment like sensors, motors and programming blocks.TGG TECH has a dedicated Robotics Lab with all the required infrastructure to conduct testing and has 24 hours back up. TGG TECH designs and tests Robotic models for the clients as per their requirements. We have built and tested more than 100 models. TGG TECH’s team of experts help global industry leaders find innovative ways to transform millions of lives.


The smart grid system used to improve the effectiveness of the supply and demand management for enhancing the predictability and reliability of the power that is transmitted after generating. It, in turn, leads to optimize the overall costs per kWh of the power generated. The data consumption from the smart meters helps in managing the demand and supply more efficiently by utilizing near real-time consumption data. TGG TECH’s committed Smart Meter Lab hopes to assist is doing just that.

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