TGGTECH's Advisory and Transformation Services empower relationship to understand and upgrade all QA focus zones – people, contraptions, and system over the transport lifecycle. The Advisory Services empower clients to grasp their QA improvement and perceive cleft in their systems and practices. TGGTECH's Transformation Services empower our clients to leave on their QA change go by executing an outstandingly capable, powerful and estimations driven QA practice. Admonitory Services go for passing on regard included engagements and ensuring world class of your item.

As an element of our Advisory Services, we give an execution manual for empower our clients to improve time-to-market and cost of significant worth while recalling their legitimate and business goals. We use our select Assessment Frameworks, in light of industry best practices and benchmarks, to review clients' attempting improvement focusing on People, Processes, Tools, and Infrastructure. As a part of our Transformation Services, we execute the guide sketched out in the midst of the consultative stage through redesigned handle designing and consolidated instruments, upgraded ability competency, estimations structure, and capable organization. We receive a key procedure to realizing these exercises by modifying them to our clients' whole deal business targets and interests with a particular true objective to give upheld points of interest and results. An Implementation of ATS gives comes about, for instance,:
  • Better IT & business alignment.
  • Improved agility & Test Coverage.
  • Optimized resource and tools utilization.
  • Committed ROI based on cost-benefit analysis.
  • Reduced cost of Quality & Shorter time-to-market.
  • Agile & DevOps transformations to support the changing needs of your business, with focus on excellent delivery and business-IT collaboration.


TGGTECH’s ATS portfolio can be grouped into two major service lines – Advisory and Transformation.

    Advisory Services include:

  • Agile DevOps Advisory
  • Test Capability Advisory
  • Test Benchmark Advisory
  • Test Automation Advisory
  • Test Tools and Infrastructure Advisory
  • The Transformation Services include:

  • Practice CoE
  • Agile and DevOps Organization
  • Test Transformation Office


With the client's legitimate and business goals as a top need, TGGTECH's counselors take an extensive point of view of the present methods and practices to perceive the distress centers, gaps and the related risks. The revelations from this stage empower the specialists to diagram an execution manual for empower relationship to improve their business regard in light of different parameters like upgraded ability, lessened time-to-market, streamlined resource use and diminished cost of significant worth. The key takeaways of an Advisory engagement consolidate – Assessment report and proposals; and a low down use direct on the most capable technique to finish the target advancement and testing limit. There are 5 key organization offerings under the Advisory organizations:

  • Agile and DevOps Advisory services are based on helping clients perceive key zones of progress to alter their Agile/DevOps strategies to industry best practices by giving proposition and manual for develop a high improvement Agile DevOps Organization.
  • Test Capability Advisory services help in assessing an affiliation's QA work for inefficient viewpoints and risks across over People, Processes and Tools estimations. It makes the clients recognize the key zones of progress by using TGGTECH's select assessment framework CLASS® – Capability, Agility, Scalability and Sustainability.
  • Test Benchmark Advisory services empower clients to review their test methods and chips away at using industry benchmark data and model(s) like TMMI/TPI. TGGTECH's prohibitive benchmarking framework, BeST®, takes in a client's available attempting improvement level and gives a manual for change to a more raised measure of advancement.
  • Test Automation Advisory services reinforce clients in understanding the need of robotization, assessing their test motorization limits and the improvement of existing computerization structures. It offers assistance to clients by coordinating motorization accessibility and common sense examination, computerization instrument evaluation and building a legitimate manual for improve general robotization advancement with better ROI.
  • Test Tools Advisory service is a particular offering to enable associations to survey existing QA apparatuses scene, distinguish right device/s and give the procedure to supporting the ventures and producing better ROI by streamlining device usage.

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    TGGTECH uses a solid way to deal with give the guiding organizations. Each admonitory organization is passed on using a coordination of key organization segments – bolster's vision and goals, focus domains of assessment, instruments and strategies, testing criteria, and reporting of the results.

  • TGGTECH's ATS Consultants coordinate the assessment using the prohibitive examination framework: Capabilities, Agility, Scalability and Sustainability (CLASS©) of the affiliation transversely over people, strategies, and mechanical assemblies which depends on industry best practices and models like TMMI, TPI, CMMI, TDD, BDD, Agile, and DevOps
  • The Assessment framework is modified to agree with our client's goals and necessities. The evaluation is a mix of assessing criteria, revelation workshops, trinkets consider, diagram surveys, close room interviews, deformation dump examination and enumerating. This relies on upon assurance finding measures.
  • Assessment coverage – the breadth and depth of assessment is designed at the start of the organization involving Sponsor’s / Leadership teams.
  • Assessment report joins SWOT examination, revelations of openings/threats, challenges and the point by point proposition, and guide with a sorted out course of action of exercises. Moreover, a target working model (TOM) is planned for the future state of the affiliation. The TOM incorporates key segments, for instance, organization, process, and system close by test circumstances and test data organization.


Change Services empower our clients to finish high ground by supporting their change travel. As a noteworthy part of the Transformation Services, TGGTECH's specialists purposely realize the guide arranged in the midst of the directing stage by altering them to our clients' business goals and hypotheses, in order to give kept up favorable circumstances and upgraded ROI. We use our selective framework and devices and industry best practices to execute change exercises which supplement the clients' in-house shapes, remembering the true objective to ensure the best outcomes, as redesigned methodology, convincing Target Operating model, fused gadget set, improved aptitudes competency, intensive estimations structure, and a solid organization. A regular change engagement navigates wherever between 6 – eighteen months in perspective of the degree/accessibility of the affiliation. There are 3 key organization offerings under the Transformation organizations:

  • Practice CoE: TGGTECH's Advisory and Transformation Services aggregate offers a particular support of help affiliations set up a Practice CoE. A Practice CoE is a creamer model which joins the gauges of TCoE and Agile DevOps affiliation. It depends on the endorsed systems and structures like Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) and LEAN and ensures that Testing is an organized bit of the transport chain.
  • Agile DevOps Organization:Deft DevOps Organization empowers relationship to move from their present setup to a high-improvement Agile DevOps Organization. It empowers relationship to lessening IT operational costs while improving programming quality and quickening time to grandstand. TGGTECH's ATS experts help in setting up various tracks like Governance, Process, Metrics framework, Collaboration, DevOps contraptions attach motorization and trainings to upgrade the smoothness and animate the associations.
  • Test Transformation Office: A Test Transformation Office (TTO) is a light-weight, for the most part protected, and united movement [similar to a PMO] which sets up and directs an endeavor wide QA philosophy. This also exhibitions a stage for driving the test upgrades across over different gatherings, lines of business, and dealer organizations. The TTO ensures that the endeavors inside its augmentation are passed on against agreed business criteria, and embed extraordinary test organization frames.


The transformation engagement is delivered in a phase-wise manner for better process tracking:

  • Design and Define Phase: "Layout and Define" is the chief time of the affiliation's change travel. In this stage, the ATS specialists help to complete the TOM formed in the midst of advising stage. In perspective of the discussion with the client gatherings, they portray the method streams and layout the system packs (containing principles, plans and organizations). Trainings are furthermore given to the gatherings.
  • Measure Phase:Once the Target working model is developed and new strategies are offset for an example set of errands, the lessons learnt are gathered. In light of the same, the strategies are changed and stretched out to cover the entire QA affiliation. In the midst of the utilization of the new systems, each and every key metric are perceived and gotten. These estimations are helpful in understanding the examples and can support with the farsighted examination.
  • Continuous Improvement Phase:In this stage, the ATS authorities focus on masterminding and realizing exercises to upgrade the QA shapes. The work with the customer to ensure get ready streamlining and operational brilliance.
  • After each stage, there is a quality/arrange door to contrast the real outcomes and the normal outcomes.


  • TGGTECH ATS plans to convey on 5 noteworthy advocates of any effective QA Transformation, which are Good Team, Broad Experience, Great Methodologies, Existing Process Assets, and Transformational IP Assets
  • TGGTECH test experts are confirmed in TMMi, SAFe, CSM, PMP, and so forth and have ability in industry driving testing devices alongside hands-on involvement in different sorts of testing over all periods of STLC
  • With more than 40+ worldwide change engagements and 350+ prescribed procedures and suggestions, TGGTECH has Consulting impression over the globe and Broad Experience in different areas, for example, BFSI, Healthcare, Retail, and Legal.
  • TGGTECH takes after a portion of the best in class systems and concentrates on result based conveyance, standardizing measurements and estimation, clear and straightforward administration approach and SLA-driven administrations conveyance show.
  • With more than 400+ Existing Process Assets fitting in with CMMi, TMMi, ISO and different measures and 150 hazard focuses appraisal, our test quickening agents and structures created in-house have empowered evaluation and change for some associations.
  • TGGTECH has a portion of the best Transformational IP Assets, for example, THRIVE – Proprietary structure used to gauge Value, Velocity, and Visibility crosswise over conveyance pipeline utilizing robotized device stage, ADePT – Agile DevOps Enterprise Transformation Framework, CLASS – Capability, Agility, Scalability and Sustainability Rating model, BeST – Benchmark and Services Transformation system and VERIFY – A far reaching seller administration structure.


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