The effective result of any business testing is driven by the capacity and accessibility of value as-close-as-genuine "test information." Test information expects key significance to guarantee all conceivable business streams are approved and checked. With incorrect and insufficient information comes poor testing, comes about you cannot trust, and a ton of sat around idly cash and exertion. Overseeing test information is profoundly testing because of information affectability, complex framework, heterogeneous information sources and obviously, restricted accessibility. Test Data Management (TDM), subsequently, is principal to the achievement of your information procedure and general testing strategy.

At TGGTECH, we have actualized powerful test information administration rehearses for complex endeavor stages. With more than 200 specialists in the Data Governance rehearse, TGGTECH has bolstered associations in the execution of answers for incorporated information administration, robotized information administration, information investigation and distinguishing proof and high accessibility of test information. Moreover, TGGTECH has created custom quickening agents to help in engineered test information era, test information streamlining and Test saddles for a wide assortment of stages. The Data Governance specialists including Certified DBA's, SQL and Data Modeling acquire rich involvement in instruments, for example, IBM Optim, GridTools, DataMaker, QuerySurge, etc.

With TGGTECH’s extensive expertise, you could Improve test effectiveness by using accurate test data, Institutionalize test data management process, Implement test data creation and simulation, Automate test data management & Protect data sensitivity.


A TDM strategy that does not cover the entire scenario, or is improper and has insufficient test data, faces severe challenges from an end user perspective. Some of the key challenges include:

  • Lack of processes to dispose of the test data when not needed
  • Volume of data requirements for validating the business processes
  • Managing the multiple sources and formats of data as required for testing
  • Managing the changes required to share data that may affect multiple projects
  • Availability of the test data range required for end-to-end testing and coverage for all possible combinations
  • Techniques to handle PII related data for being compliant with regulatory bodies such as HIPAA, PCI, GLBA, SOX, etc.


A successful test information administration approach can address the vast majority of the difficulties specified previously. TGGTECH presents a strong TDM methodology which incorporates the accompanying basic parts:

  • In-depth Identification of Requirements: Saddle TGGTECH's profound industry information in expansive distinguishing proof of test information prerequisites. These necessities can then be used to recognize the source, volume, complexities, information subset strategies, and information combination needs.
  • Holistic TDM Processes: Distribute unmistakably characterized information administration work processes, strategies, and methodology for the creation, load, and security of test information. Characterize measurements to quantify information wellbeing in every condition and utilize lessened volumes of generation information when a full load is not required.
  • Effective TDM Techniques:Utilize information subsets which add to successful testing as it empowers use of genuine informational collections just on a littler scale. Utilize information concealing, NULL'ing out, substitution, or encryption procedures to keep up information security by ensuring touchy information.
  • Tools & IP: TGGTECH's Test Data Generator device to lessen the manual procedure of making test information and limit the shot of blunders. Reuse subset criteria and concealing strategies on numerous and distinctive sources. Distinguish the table connections and the delicate information.
  • Dedicated TDM Team:Devoted assets to oversee and suit each venture's test information needs. Information Governance Center of Excellence to bolster with the required instruments, assets, and skill.


TGGTECH's TDM administrations are intended to meet and fulfill all test information requests of ventures and Independent Software Vendors (ISV's) for complex IT organizations. The key administrations offered by TGGTECH Data Governance rehearse incorporate:

  • Data Profiling & Analysis- Identifying & modeling of complex data simulations and business process coverage.
  • Data Governance – Processes & Guidelines for policy, controls, provisioning & techniques.
  • Data Provisioning – Data refresh, masking, subsetting, obfuscation, & retrieval procedures.
  • Data Generation – Automated set up/tear down of synthetic data using off the shelf tools and TGGTECH Test Data Generator.
  • Data Environment Management – Deployment & Management of data sources.
  • Data Privacy –Employment of techniques like NULL’ing, Substitution, Shuffling, Number Variance, Gibberish & Encryption/Decryption.


There are multiple benefits to be had from having an established and implemented test data management process.

TDM makes accessible voluminous, on-request, fit-for-reason, genuine test information, that further aides in the coordination and administration of test information. A shrewd information sub-setting framework prompts an upgraded foundation, stockpiling expenses, and TCO, and furthermore in actualizing a powerful hazard alleviation framework. TDM likewise goes about as a concentrated apparatus for information demand and circulation, that prompts snappier information provisioning. With a robotized test information handle, and cloned information subsets bringing about a faster test informational collection up, the test process duration is additionally diminished.

Additionally, TDM also leads to an Improved:

  • Test coverage due to improved test data quality
  • Testing effectiveness with accurate data
  • Data privacy through data masking techniques
  • Risk mitigation through reduced data exposure
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements & guidelines such as Basel, PCI, SOX, SEPA, and Solvency

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