We agree with inside the maxim that “Our success is at once proportional to the diploma of achievement of our customers”

Quality Engineering

We know what it takes to help your business prepare for the next generation of digital transformation.At TGGTECH, we provide a comprehensive suite of solutions and services.

Hardware & Networking

Hardware and networking specialists are in-call for throughout various sectors together with education, movies, banking, media..

Digital Assurance

We use our expert technical knowledge and competence to build resourceful solutions suiting your requirements, helping you mobilize and evolve to accomplish your advanced business goals.


Get began with Selenium, and find out how this open source tool can run on any platform, discover ways to use on a huge type of tools...

TGG TECH Is Global Leader in Independent Software Testing Services World’s 1st Independent Software Testing Services Company.

We believe in the maxim that “Our success is directly proportional to the degree of success of our customers”.

This is the hub of quality practices, processes and systems, has come to the fore as Content Management, Consulting.

GG Tech’s comprehensive suite of BPO and Software Development Services is a natural extension of what companies want.

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About Us

TGG Tech is a large diversified technology company offering technology consulting and outsourced software product and applications development services to the global IT industry. TGG Tech’s world-class offshore services offer cutting-edge IT solutions across a range of industry and technology segments to Enterprises and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs)