With numerous IT associations around the globe, embracing Agile as their SDLC, Quality Assurance and Testing groups likewise have needed to advance to strike the correct adjust of utilization security and time-to-market. Testing needs to end up plainly nonstop and furthermore more astute. Enhanced test computerization with the correct testing procedures helps guarantee that a "conceivably shippable item augmentation" is conveyed each sprint.

TGGTECH has been a put stock in testing accomplice for some associations in different phases of receiving Agile. We have helped associations new to Agile form in QA arranging, estimation, measurements into their sprints. If there should be an occurrence of more develop associations, we have flawlessly coordinated with their sprint groups to enhance test scope, speed, and quality. Our structures for ceaseless test mechanization and execution testing have been utilized by various associations to strengthen their Quality Assurance and Testing practices.

TGGTECH has effectively upheld variations of Agile, be it Scrum, ATDD, BDD and so on. With more significant associations, we have scaled Agile utilizing systems like SAFe, SoS and so forth. While Agile works best with a gathered model, we have additionally utilized our Distributed Agile Testing Framework to bolster a comprehensive conveyance model.

Key Differentiators of TGGTECH’s Agile Testing Services:

  • CI & automation using matured TAF that seamlessly integrates with leading CI tools and deployment processes.
  • Communication & Collaboration – Collocated team to manage distributed Agile environment. “Time Zone Matrix” to plan scrum meetings that support global delivery model.
  • ‘Done’ criteria – Set for all user stories and cross-checked for adherence before signing-off. It is one of the most critical checkpoints of an Agile project.
  • Lean Governance – Implementation of quality gates, sprint retrospection & reviews; metrics & measures enable precise alignment with the Agile development process.
  • Distributed Agile Framework that allows multiple collocated teams to work in a highly collaborative manner that delivers agility and assures quality.


Business endeavors over the world are encountering a typical pattern of expanded customer desires, innovation overhauls and unusualness in their business condition. The size of these progressions and going with instability is convincing the more significant part of the ventures to embrace/take after "Lithe" – a flexible and dynamic programming advancement handle/display.

As per current patterns, the majority of the Enterprises have gone one-level above and actualized deft scrum of scrums (SoS), an essential strategy in scaling scrum to large venture groups for accomplishing their business destinations. SoS comprises of bunches of groups working in a circulated domain making the circumstance significantly all the more difficult in imparting, representing and keeping up a time to market.

To address the above-expressed difficulties, TGGTECH has built up a developed and demonstrated test approach that can consistently coordinate with customer's nimble advancement procedures or crossbreed improvement forms. This philosophy guarantees that testing is supplementing advancement, helping in the early reception of mechanization through Continuous Integration and execution of testing systems (TDD, BDD, et al.). This approach causes accomplishing time to showcase as well as diminishes deformity slippage.


Quality Gates are an inalienable piece of TGGTECH's Agile Testing structure. TGGTECH's quality entryways accompanied a large group of predefined strategies and quality door criteria that is redone given customer needs. Commonly the criteria is a blend of robotized checks like breezing through the unit and joining tests, code quality, and rule checkers also human checks like companion survey, an endorsement from different partners. Naturally implementing quality doors guarantees that the items meet the quality level and consistency conformance customers require underway.

While TGGTECH’s approach takes care of“quality and timeliness,” governance and communication are also primary concerns of clients adopting agile methodology. To overcome this, TGGTECH has built a lean governance model that provides “right-level of information to right-stakeholders at the right time.”TGGTECH has systematized measurements and estimation structure to track and screen sprint speed, consume rate, accumulations, sprint retro patterns et al. that gives execution permeability and certainty to all partners (Dev, BAs, QA, Infra and Exec Team) for discharge availability.

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To stay aware of the pace of improvement in Agile, the way we consider testing needs to change. Dissimilar to the waterfall show, there is no different stage for testing. Testing must be done alongside advancement. This implies we need to begin considering and making arrangements for testing considerably prior. The sprint arranging stage needs to consider the requirements of testing, for example, clear acknowledgment and DONE criteria, legitimate exertion estimation for testing.

  • Automation begins at the unit level followed by API and GUI level automation. Automation coverage for lower levels (unit & API) should be very high. Only critical end-to-end scenarios should be automated at the GUI level.
  • Execution targets ought to be distinguished for key situations/client stories. Single-client execution tests can be computerized and executed each sprint to guarantee no execution relapses happen.
  • Improve tool integration to implement continuous integration and deployment.
  • Cross skilling of resources ensure better utilization.
  • Real-time reporting and tracking of key metrics.


TGGTECH conveys Agile Testing administrations with a mix of pre-assembled test suites that dovetail into the improvement condition and help to recognize deserts, dispense with repetition and reinforce QA of the applications even as they are being produced. With a 6 stage handle that starts with Sprint arranging and finishes with Execution, our Core and Flex cooperation towards accomplishing genuine spryness.

Let TGGTECH’s Agile Test Specialists perform a complete maturity assessment for your organization’s testing needs to help you get the most out of your agile projects.


TGGTECH's Agile Testing Practice consistently distributes whitepapers to profit the product testing group on the loose. These whitepapers enable associations to receive the most recent Agile practices and coordinate nimble advancement and testing techniques into new improvement ventures.

Service Virtualization boost Agile testing strategy

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TGGTECH has completed pragmatic and relapse going for various customers crosswise over spaces. The following is the fractional rundown of clients who concur with TGGTECH for his or her reasonable programming program looking at necessities.