Today, income worth trillions relies on upon the avionics business. Nonetheless, considering the increasing costs prompt a fall sought after, it is just with an unstoppable will to change the way an association conceives that it can support and succeed. The change required is to end up noticeably Agile; to end up plainly all the more pleasing and adaptable to meet the always expanding client desires, innovation redesigns, and unusual business conditions.


Some broad areas that pose challenges/hurdles in the growth of the shifting airline landscape are:

  • Cost pressure:Furious rivalry among national aircrafts, sanction organizations and ease, modest bearers is bringing about consistent and extraordinary cost lessening weight on all ranges of carrier operations to enhance operational productivity.
  • Systems safety and performance: Both wellbeing security still remain the most imperative test for the business and must not be traded off. Certification of Security & Safety noticeable all around is fundamental.
  • Innovation and updates:To give more propelled administrations/thought on created application, Research and development in the utilization of Data Analytics and Plane outlines.
  • The need to drive digital sales: Expanding purchaser desires and developing spotlight on client encounter makes computerized deals an absolute necessity to-be-performed movement. This requires persistent venture on process change, enhancing proficiency of in-flight availability, and Bringing airplane terminals and carriers into the 21st century.
  • Identification of configuration issue and design tests to check them:Setup issues, in which conflicting variants of segments are utilized to understand a framework is a ready zone for issues.
  • Development of invalid input tests:Invalid sources of info are a greatly rich territory for security testing. Basic invalid info assaults are in charge of a considerable number of security ruptures. Each time a framework gathers information from its condition, the information can damage presumptions about its size or substance.
  • Development of misuse cases, identification of assumptions and then devising test cases that violate them: Utilize cases are a typical displaying apparatus that list expected utilization of the product, ordinarily amid the prerequisites examination stage. Abuse cases are the same, aside from they investigate unintended use. The necessities stage is the perfect time to consider such situations since it is the right place to dispose of or moderate them. Indeed, even after abuse case examination, suspicions of shifting believability will be left over. Testing these can be greatly beneficial.


TGGTECH takes a gander at its activities as business empowering influences that can lessen costs in both Manual and Automation testing having space skill in the beneath said regions. It comes to and draw in clients for all modules identified with the Airline Domain. We have staff experienced in dealing with a few propelled carrier IT arrangements, for example, new era Airlines Passenger arrangements, Airlines Revenue Accounting, Airlines booking, web based business site, and Mobile Apps for various stages, and so forth. Testing procedure and stages change by improvement techniques. Be that as it may, TGGTECH has an altered, standard process regardless of the approach being utilized.

  • Make test situations, consolidate input, make and execute test cases, log surrenders in the imperfection following device, approve absconds, retest, retest settled deformities in relating manufacture/s. Responsible QA/SQA Engineer accessible for the specified errands.
  • Audit prerequisites, survey test situations and make traceability framework confirmed by the SME/Business Analyst before preparing further.
  • Review test cases, create testing reports and triage defects are taken care of by the QA Lead/Manager.
  • Internal and external Audit on a monthly basis to avoid the gap in process.


Our Centers of Excellence, ably supported by in-house Labs and SMART Tools, provide end-to-end testing services in the following areas:p>

  • CoE for Functional Testing:End-to-end testing with an emphasis on Business Process Testing. TGGTECH has Airline area mastery in all modules like Interline bookkeeping, Ticketing, Departure control and so on it helps us in Challenges like Cost weight, Innovation and updates, Assumptions recognizable proof, Configuration issues and invalid data sources tests.
  • CoE for Performance Testing: Ensuring stability & responsiveness of the system under heavy workload.
  • CoE for Security Testing: Ensuring Confidentiality, Integrity, Authentication, Availability, Authorization & non – repudiation.
  • CoE for Mobility Testing: Accelerated mobile testing to ensure adaptability and agility.

These broad zones help us give undeniable support to External Interfaces identified with the Aviation business, for example, GDS, Timatic, SITA, APIS, Payment, Cargo, and so forth.

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TGGTECH trusts that aircrafts must take a few particular measures to stay focused. TGGTECH offers the accompanying systems and best practices that guarantee subjective and quantitative advantages when executed:

  • Continuous Integration & Automation:Developed test computerization system that flawlessly coordinates with driving CI devices and organization handle. Our logic is "Computerize Early and Automate More"
  • Communication & Collaboration: Arranged group to oversee conveyed spry condition. "Time Zone Matrix" to arrange scrum gatherings supporting worldwide conveyance show. Use of brought together correspondence convention for viable correspondence and straightforwardness.
  • Done Criteria:Done Criteria is set for all the client stories and cross-checked for adherence before closing down. It is a standout amongst the most basic checkpoints of a dexterous venture.
  • Digitization assistance reduces operating costs: Appropriate testing guarantees decreased downtime and enormously enhances execution, driving down expenses while likewise supporting traveler fulfillment through more successive on-time entries and takeoffs.

The advantages of more noteworthy client learning and, henceforth, closeness help give an enhanced traveler encounter. We help cut the excess, not the muscle. Our CoE helps carriers examine and recognize the ranges where costs can be diminished. These may be the ranges not pertinent to wellbeing, notoriety, or marking.

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